Wattpad – new #storytelling on the move

What’s Wattpad? Try to ask it to the new generations and teenagers and you will have all the details you need. It’s about the communication that is changing its way to provide stories to the world. It’s the new social network for the people who love to tell stories and use their mobile to do it. And share them, through the biggest community of readers in the world. Storytelling.

Wattpad - the social network for writers
Wattpad – the social network for writers

Through Wattpad people can write, share stories and interact with them. It’s a sort of blogging activity but you’re free to start your unlimited stream of consciousness – as only Virginia Woolf would start…

Stream of consciousness in a sketch :)
Stream of consciousness in a sketch  🙂


Its aim? To give users the chance to spread their stories in the world and become an official author or writer, even if not respecting the ordinary rules – as for example to write at least an amount of million’s crap or publish at least 10 novels and so on..

Wattpad - social network for authors
Wattpad – social network for authors

By the way, now there’s a new way to let your story be popular and meet millions of readers who can directly comment and share opinions with you. Just to give an example, Anna Todd has literally became one of the most popular author of the last years:

FROM WATTPAD SENSATION TO BEST-SELLING BOOK SERIES is written at the beginning of her website: she has been able to find the community she wanted, ‘a home really, with these people who were writing in the hours off of work, school, parenting, life, and I loved every second of it’ she wrote. And now she has hundreds of millions of reads!

The community of Wattpad has spread faster than you can imagine thanks to a new feature that wouldn’t be underestimated: the mobility. People can write while they’re on the bus, in the gym, on the sofa or while falling asleep: you can take your story with you everywhere and add pieces to a story little by little.


#NoteOFTheDay by Usman Riaz at TEDXBeaconStreet ‘Music & storytelling


Arts and crafts by Amimono Horinouchi, when music meets fashion

Nightime is the best time to get inspired, spending hours by reading blog posts and articles, discovering news and new artists. Now it’s on Amimono, a Japanese young original artist who had a great idea starting creating knit sweaters and bags with a musical touch.

Amimono Horinouchi
Amimono Horinouchi


It has been the first time I’ve read about a tailor who decided to take his music passion into the fashion world, mixing his creativity. And this is the result:

Amimono Horinouchi - music and fashion
Amimono Horinouchi – music and fashion
Amimono Horinouchi sweaters
Amimono Horinouchi sweaters

Schermata 2017-01-11 alle 23.15.37

…sweaters with David Bowie, Wednesday Addams, Genesis P Orridge, Iggy Pop..

You can expect that his great idea has became a great business, a great e-commerce and you can also customize your sweater or bag or ask for any other item of clothing as this ones:

customized bag by Amimoto
customized cat-bag by Amimono
customized knit sweater by Amimoto
customized knit sweater by Amimoto

If you wanna enjoy more, just have a look at his website

Amimono knit sweater designer
Amimono knit sweater designer


#NoteOfTheDay ‘Get Innocuous’ by LCD Soundsystem (Soulwax remix)


Ode to my valley: Valsinni, panoramas of the whitelady

This morning was an astonishing one. I’m trying to get the maximum relax from my off-days, but Whatsapp and Facebook still won..they have been my alarm clock, so I woke up and – as I usually do – I opened up my balcony: I roused in 2 minutes and I felt so lucky to have an absolutely amazing view in front of me: Valsinni, the whitelady


Valsinni, a little village in a valley in the South of Italy, is the town where a river named Sinni flows under its bridge, which is one of the particular feature of this landscape. The 1st main one in fact is an old little Aragonese castle built since the Middle Age, where – the legend says – a wonderful lady used to live: it was her cage where she started to write poetry and be in love with the natural elements of the surroundings..the river, the utopian sea, the mountains.

Valsinni castle 'Isabella Morra'
Valsinni castle ‘Isabella Morra’ on the top left


Basilicata little bijoux
A shoot on the right side of the valley

Here you are some other details of the valley, the old town centre on the top side and the new one in the valley:

img_9031 img_9032

Basilicata landscapes
Basilicata landscape, Valsinni
From my balcony 🎈
View of Colobraro, the curse italian town


Flowers and snow 🌺img_9046img_9048

#NoteOfTheDay Water under the bridge by Adele