Wattpad – new #storytelling on the move

What’s Wattpad? Try to ask it to the new generations and teenagers and you will have all the details you need. It’s about the communication that is changing its way to provide stories to the world. It’s the new social network for the people who love to tell stories and use their mobile to do it. And share them, through the biggest community of readers in the world. Storytelling.

Wattpad - the social network for writers
Wattpad – the social network for writers

Through Wattpad people can write, share stories and interact with them. It’s a sort of blogging activity but you’re free to start your unlimited stream of consciousness – as only Virginia Woolf would start…

Stream of consciousness in a sketch :)
Stream of consciousness in a sketch  🙂


Its aim? To give users the chance to spread their stories in the world and become an official author or writer, even if not respecting the ordinary rules – as for example to write at least an amount of million’s crap or publish at least 10 novels and so on..

Wattpad - social network for authors
Wattpad – social network for authors

By the way, now there’s a new way to let your story be popular and meet millions of readers who can directly comment and share opinions with you. Just to give an example, Anna Todd has literally became one of the most popular author of the last years:

FROM WATTPAD SENSATION TO BEST-SELLING BOOK SERIES is written at the beginning of her website: she has been able to find the community she wanted, ‘a home really, with these people who were writing in the hours off of work, school, parenting, life, and I loved every second of it’ she wrote. And now she has hundreds of millions of reads!

The community of Wattpad has spread faster than you can imagine thanks to a new feature that wouldn’t be underestimated: the mobility. People can write while they’re on the bus, in the gym, on the sofa or while falling asleep: you can take your story with you everywhere and add pieces to a story little by little.


#NoteOFTheDay by Usman Riaz at TEDXBeaconStreet ‘Music & storytelling


Carpool Karaoke, sharing news not only cars

James Corden, an English actor, writer, producer, comedian and TV show man, is that kind of guy that draw attention because is incredibly theatrical and charismatic and he always choose the right way to communicate with the world. He’s very popular in UK and USA too and he’s becoming even more known in Europe.

He’s able to do his own communication through new perspectives and methods, using his worldwide popular show as a way to get in touch with vips and stars and make them talking frankly, during a fast car pooling trip while listening to some great music – and we know, it always helps.

It’s the Carpool Karaoke, and it’s about sharing news – not only cars – with superstars, super singers, politics people, influencers of the world.. driving and singing all together, how fun is that?

James Corden and Chris Martin - Karaoke pooling
James Corden and Chris Martin – Carpool Karaoke
First Lady Michelle Obama and Missy Elliott at Carpool Karaoke
First Lady Michelle Obama and Missy Elliott at Carpool Karaoke
Selena Gomez and James Corden - Carpool Karaoke
Selena Gomez and James Corden – Carpool Karaoke
Sia Carpool Karaoke
Sia Carpool Karaoke    
Justin Bieber Carpool Karaoke
Justin Bieber Carpool Karaoke
Red Hot Chili Peppers Carpool Karaoke
Red Hot Chili Peppers Carpool Karaoke
Gwen Stefani Carpool Karaoke, George Clooney and Julia Roberts - Carpool Karaoke
Gwen Stefani Carpool Karaoke, George Clooney and Julia Roberts – Carpool Karaoke

Schermata 2016-07-25 alle 23.23.13

..what I’m thinking is just that this is a brilliant idea: (quite) real time interviews and shows are becoming part of the most viewed videos, they are a new kind of web contents that is really appreciated because is more spontaneous than you can suppose, and obviously, it’s not the ordinary content that people can look at while blogging or surfing the Internet.

Hope to share even more Carpool karaoke – that’s great Mr James and it’s interesting spend some minutes listening to the singers and people you chose and make fun of some life moments.

#Noteoftheday Magic by Coldplay

Why people use fake spontaneous pictures of their breakfast on the table?!

It’s weird, because if you’re passionate about e-reading and you spend most of your time reading articles and blogs of popular people and even if you search for something curious, you end up reading those articles written by a famous fashion model or a unknown blogger which show you…where she is, what she wears and what she had for kfastkfast – such a shame.

So, am I guessing if people are really interested in these things? Why nowadays to be trendy means show people and friends pictures about everyday breakfast with eggs, bread, milk and orange juice, yogurts and fresh fruits, jam, coffee or cappuccino, with everything positioned so tidily and methodically on a table?! Then, you just need adding a final must: photos have to be rigorously taken from above.

trendy breakfast picture from above
trendy breakfast picture from above
another trendy breakfast picture
another trendy breakfast picture

So, do people use these pictures because of a trendy narcissistic habit or because they just really care about what they have for the most important meal of the day?

By the way, maybe some people just do it because fashion world does the same and this let them feel part of it, as if they shared the same habits. Some other people might tweet and post their breakfast pictures because they wanna share that moment of the day? Or maybe because they spent hours to prepare it and they are excited about the final result, so excited that they need to share it on social networks instead of feel, taste and enjoy that moment?!

I found some other article on this topic, but answers remain skeptical.
Anyway, let your eyes feel glad by looking at those #breakfast 😉

 #NoteOfTheDay Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Deep Blue Something, 1995.


Fendi QuTweets for Christmas 2014, nice marketing operation

Here you are what happened. I’m gonna tell you about a cross-media experience I’ve just had while exploring Fendi world.

I decided to spend some days in Rome, it was too long I didn’t see the magic city, and even more time I didn’t have a walk in the city centre, near Via del Tritone, Via del Corso, too much time I didn’t get nervous by walking into the crowd of Rome.

Well, I was there for the perfect day, not only sunny, but also in one of the last weekend before Christmas, when all the people start to buy Xmas gifts. Well.

While I was walking, I got to Fendi and stopped in front of the most lively decoration I’ve seen in these days. I’ve always loved its way to communicate because generally its not to standard, and thinking that a luxury brand likes to enjoy the colors – as I’m going to show right now. Let’s discover little by little Fendi decorations for Christmas 2014:

2014-12-07 14.44.53

They’re not penguins 🙂 but just little colorful birds that look like very social and happy.

And here you are one more picture:

Xmas tree by Fendi

Yes, there are a lot of birds all around a giant Xmas tree, Fendi Xmas tree.

And here you are another view of Fendi building (and store):Fendi  - Rome

Firstly, I thought about this weird decoration, by thinking ‘How much social is it?!’..I was looking at all these little tweety birds among the bright bags which decorated the main wall of the building. Too weird, but happy and colorful, contrary to the rest of the conventional bright Xmas lights.

Once I was back home, I wanna look at Fendi website, let’s see the actual bags I’ve seen hunging on the building…let’s see this new collection and what it’s about.

And here you are what I read: ‘Fendi QuTweets’. I found again those Fendi-style birds, and also a nice video showing them flying all around the new bags, eating accessories and jewels.. nice Xmas operation: from the streets to the web. Maybe now it’s time to go the shop, isn’t it 😀 ?

Look at Fendi QuTweets video here.

Crossmedia – Stories in between: narratives and medium @ play

Does anybody know about crossmedia?

A word that started to be popular some years ago.
A word that is a mix of CROSS and MEDIA, between media, among media, from a media to another. A word you can directly link to Henry Jenkins

Here you are a little world about this word, discover it if you fancy to know more.

It’s time to mention ‘Stories in between: narratives and mediums @play‘ – a unique text exploring the interplay between stories and media. The discussion focuses around the Myst narrative as it moves across media from games to books to comics to games. Along the way, the text also discusses the Sandman comics, and the hypermedia of Ultima Online and MitterNachtSpiel.

Schermata 2014-11-17 alle 22.36.56

A text that has been created hypertextually to exist online as a website with an inter-related book. A text about story-telling and video-games. A text written by Drew Davidson, the person who gave me the chance to enter this world that now is a trend.

Enjoy it!