Ode to my valley: Valsinni, panoramas of the whitelady

This morning was an astonishing one. I’m trying to get the maximum relax from my off-days, but Whatsapp and Facebook still won..they have been my alarm clock, so I woke up and – as I usually do – I opened up my balcony: I roused in 2 minutes and I felt so lucky to have an absolutely amazing view in front of me: Valsinni, the whitelady


Valsinni, a little village in a valley in the South of Italy, is the town where a river named Sinni flows under its bridge, which is one of the particular feature of this landscape. The 1st main one in fact is an old little Aragonese castle built since the Middle Age, where – the legend says – a wonderful lady used to live: it was her cage where she started to write poetry and be in love with the natural elements of the surroundings..the river, the utopian sea, the mountains.

Valsinni castle 'Isabella Morra'
Valsinni castle ‘Isabella Morra’ on the top left


Basilicata little bijoux
A shoot on the right side of the valley

Here you are some other details of the valley, the old town centre on the top side and the new one in the valley:

img_9031 img_9032

Basilicata landscapes
Basilicata landscape, Valsinni
From my balcony 🎈
View of Colobraro, the curse italian town


Flowers and snow 🌺img_9046img_9048

#NoteOfTheDay Water under the bridge by Adele

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