Weekend to Ischia Island 

I thought I already posted some of The pictures I’m going to show here in my old article dedicated to Ischia. But I was wrong 🙂 

And I think I will convince you to spend a fabulous weekend in this isle, enjoying its wonderful beaches and cliffs and glimpses!

Anyway enjoy them:

Do you think to go and have a ‘direct’ feeling? 😀 If so, just take the right ferry!!

Great Advertising to understand, guess what they mean?

Yesterday I found this nice and challenging article about several advertisements I want ti propose to you. It’s great when you catch up the meaning above all when it’s a little bit complex and not taken for granted. 

Let’s start whit this!

A very sticky, or better, very absorben product 😀 

How to make people running towards the exit, If not using Axe!
so disgusting…

  So real!!

I didn’t think that a brand could joke like this with its competitor:

‘Stuck in The wrong job’:

How to deal with ‘hot and spicy’ – by Pringles: 
  ‘Stop hiding problems’ it’s unuseful!

Here you are the power of Nikon S60: how to localize until 12 faces!!
  Dreaming of… 😉 



Chanel: not clothing, not bags, this time it’s about clocks

I found it very interesting. It’s an article published on Vogue, 2014 edition (Italian version) and it was great to find this different point of view in Chanel’s history. 

And I will use the original pictures taking from the issue to tell this story.

Firstly, it comes a picture of Première Double Tour versions, made by gold and steel:

Here you are Place Vendôme: the square that inspired the design of the clocks. 


A 2013 steel version:


First and original version: ‘Première Tourbillon Volant’ of 1987 designed by Jacques Helleu, art director of Chanel Maison: firstly it represents the design of its perfume Chanel Number 5, then it’s possible to see its pattern inspired by the Vendôme Square:

‘Première’ means the ‘first clock’ and it was in black and white colors, made of different materials – as Modemoiselle Chanel always loved to do.

This is a joaiellerie version of 2009:

Those are two different versions: golden Première Céramique with ceramics, 2009, and Première Perles Haute Joaillerie with Akoya pearls, 2007:

Here you are a 2013 version based on steel:
The following one is the 2013 ‘modern’ version of Tourbillon Volant with diamonds and a mechanism that represents the favourite flower of Chanel: camellia. 

‘Première Tourbillon Volant’ – The symbol of one of the first sign of female revolution, the first clock to be made just for women, in the Eighties. And Place Vendôme which is always present in the several editions and models: it’s the birthplace of Chanel world, where the joaillerie/horlogerie boutique, the Offices and flagship store are located.

Hope to visit this square asap!