Toys for fashion – Hasbro & Luisa Via Roma 2015

It is called #MakeKidsHappy the new campaign of those two pillars. This year LVR topic for Pitti event was My Little Pony – exactly for Firenze4ever LVR initiative – and several mini ponies has been luxury-restyled in order to be sold and collect funds for SaveTheChildren. Stylists who wore these fantastic characters of the childhood were selectioned among several stars: from Versace to Fendi, Delpozo, Faith Connection, Arora, Cavalli…and obviously the LVR work of art!

Here you are some shots:    


Fendi mini pony – Luisa Via Roma
Luisa Via Roma – top colorful mini pony
Cavalli mini pony – Luisa Via Roma
Delpozo mini pony – Luisa Via Roma
I’m guessing how much could they cost?!

So colorful and happy, it’s worth to think about how enjoyable was our childhood life 🙂 (well, exactly as right now!) 

Going to Ischia Island

We were a group of four friends, and we decided to spend our weekend in the island. It’s known because it’s very nice, a jewel in the Tirreno sea, very popular for the tourists trips and very expensive too. 

But we found this cheap 3 stars hotel and we made it: we left from Beverello port and those are The first pictures: 


Maschio Angioino Naples
leaving Beverello port
Nisida Isle – known for its feminine jail

arrival to Ischia

Florence restyling – Pitti power

It’s unbelievable, walking by the usual streets and discover that so many shops has opened in less than 2 days! 

I’m guessing when did they work to have a complete brand new store ready for this day..

Anyway this is Pitti power.

Have a look to those pictures which show both the sides of Pitti power: 

Here you are some of the top Shop Windows of the city: 

pinko florence
Firenze4ever events LVR

And also some esclusive parties with special guests (The famous ones and the ones who think to be famous!):

LVR event Manifattura Tabaccchi
guest of LVR party for Pitti
minipony: the focus of LVR Pitti concept

LVR fiction characters

And then the best one, what do you think you can find in the streets the day after the first night of Pitti parties?!


And weird people, for sure:  


nowadays version of Dante Alighieri

Find the Egypt in Italy

So weird, just back for a wend in Turin, to discover this city I’ve never been before. 

Heard people saying ‘there’s the new opening,  Museo Egizio, we need to book tickets!’ 

That’s why I decided to go straightly there, with no tickets. Just have a try. 

That’s why after 5 minutes I had to change my plan and go visiting another top piace of the city: Mole Antonelliana, but I’ll write a dedicated post to it. It’s worth enough! 

Be back on Egyptian focus and have a look at how contemporary they are:


the eyes were painted to let the dead see what were the ornaments and things left to him by his family
First type of dress
Nilus river

Italian Landascapes that sometimes sound like Japanese paintings

weird tutele for this post, I know… But it’s exatcly what I thought when I look at some mountains while I was on the way back to Florence, after spending a wonderful Sunday on Cala Violino beach.  Look at those photos, they show Alpi Apuane with a weird fog and sense of Mystics                  Don’t they remind you about those static Japanese paintings? Ukyio-e art?  See for example this one   Maybe it’s not about the landscape… It’s about the different levels they show: they seem to be painted by following several horizontal lines That’s why I thought to create a frame like this one 🙂   really love it!  Remember, If you want to see this mystic panorama, go visit Alpi Apuane, the unique Alps that are part of Appennini!

Florence chic bridges

 the popular Ponte Vecchio – Yes, it’s not the actual one, but a sculpture of it hanging on one of the Ponte Vecchio jewelry:


Circolo dei Canottieri – just next to Corridoio vasariano


View from Ponte Vecchio: over there, there is is Ponte alle Grazie (going towards Santa Croce):



here we are in Lungarno, between Ponte Carraia and Ponte Vespucci; we are exatcly at Pescaia Santa Rosa:


And this is Ponte Santa Trinita, that you can reach by simply going over Via de Tornabuoni:


Finally, let’s cheers to Florence views…