Italian Landascapes that sometimes sound like Japanese paintings

weird tutele for this post, I know… But it’s exatcly what I thought when I look at some mountains while I was on the way back to Florence, after spending a wonderful Sunday on Cala Violino beach.  Look at those photos, they show Alpi Apuane with a weird fog and sense of Mystics                  Don’t they remind you about those static Japanese paintings? Ukyio-e art?  See for example this one   Maybe it’s not about the landscape… It’s about the different levels they show: they seem to be painted by following several horizontal lines That’s why I thought to create a frame like this one 🙂   really love it!  Remember, If you want to see this mystic panorama, go visit Alpi Apuane, the unique Alps that are part of Appennini!

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