Healthy Food makes you look bright and colorful

Here you are a list of reasons why you should go for healthy food that looks great and colorful.
They could help your mind feels better.
Listen to ‘Feed your head‘ a song by Paul Kalkbrenner, while having a look at the following pics 〰️
Cheese box – by @Foodyfarm restaurant in #Florence
Pink Burger – by @FlowerBurger in #Bergamo
Tortellini with Pistachios – by @FICO in #Bologna
Sesame Icecream – by @Gelateria Santa Trinita in #Florence
Handmade Orange jam – by @Mamy in #Valsinni


Red dried peppers – handmade in #SanNicolaArcella
Italian grapes – in #Fiesole


White bread, cream and wine – in #Barcelona


Choose yours – feed your #head.

Feed your head by Paul Kalkbrenner

2 thoughts on “Healthy Food makes you look bright and colorful”

    1. Hi, there are several ones, as ie. local cheese, or handmade jam.. you have to find yours, try to focus on local ingredients and products to be healthy.

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