Healthy Food makes you look bright and colorful

Here you are a list of reasons why you should go for healthy food that looks great and colorful.
They could help your mind feels better.
Listen to ‘Feed your head‘ a song by Paul Kalkbrenner, while having a look at the following pics 〰️
Cheese box – by @Foodyfarm restaurant in #Florence
Pink Burger – by @FlowerBurger in #Bergamo
Tortellini with Pistachios – by @FICO in #Bologna
Sesame Icecream – by @Gelateria Santa Trinita in #Florence
Handmade Orange jam – by @Mamy in #Valsinni


Red dried peppers – handmade in #SanNicolaArcella
Italian grapes – in #Fiesole


White bread, cream and wine – in #Barcelona


Choose yours – feed your #head.

Feed your head by Paul Kalkbrenner