Florence restyling – Pitti power

It’s unbelievable, walking by the usual streets and discover that so many shops has opened in less than 2 days! 

I’m guessing when did they work to have a complete brand new store ready for this day..

Anyway this is Pitti power.

Have a look to those pictures which show both the sides of Pitti power: 

Here you are some of the top Shop Windows of the city: 

pinko florence
Firenze4ever events LVR

And also some esclusive parties with special guests (The famous ones and the ones who think to be famous!):

LVR event Manifattura Tabaccchi
guest of LVR party for Pitti
minipony: the focus of LVR Pitti concept

LVR fiction characters

And then the best one, what do you think you can find in the streets the day after the first night of Pitti parties?!


And weird people, for sure:  


nowadays version of Dante Alighieri

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