Pasta and bijoux in Rione Monti, Rome

How to spend a great weekend? Just go to Rome and visit Rione Monti bijoux! This area is maybe one of the most old fashioned and attractive part of the city, seen also that is one of the most ancient district of Rome.

If you’re lucky you can enjoy weird people and lots of handmade products: handmade jewelry and vintage clothes, local Trattoria with homemade pasta and happy people going around!
The first place to enjoy is the famous Market named ‘Mercato Monti Urban Market’:

Monti Market
Mercato monti Urban Market, Rome

this market is the perfect mix between artistic handmade products – as vintage leather bags and handmade rings and bracelets – and extrovert dressed people who look like living in a movie 😁

Happy Glam, creative handmade products in Mercato Monti, Rome
Handmade products in Mercato Monti, Rome
Handmade products – Happy glam
Happy Glam creative earrings

All these handmade rings and earrings are so cute, a sort of cartoons pieces that look like funny if worn fine.

And then this authentic bijoux – handmade as well..

La chiave di violino – creative bijoux in Rione Monti Market, Rome
‘La chiave di violino’ handmade creation – wonderful ring!

Then, if you wanna enjoy an Italian taste, go to Pasta Imperialeyou can choose among a wide range of pasta..’linguine’, ‘tagliatelle’, ‘farfalle’ and so on…

Pasta Imperiale, a pasta shop in Rome
Pasta Imperiale, Via del Boschetto, rione Monti, Rome
Whole wheat ‘Italian farfalle’

or you can opt for a typical menu with pasta + water + tiramisu as the perfect Italian dessert!

Italian Menu at Pasta Imperiale, Rione Monti, Rome
Spaghetti, whole wheat pasta and green pasta
Super yellow ‘tagliatelle’!

…Just have a look to what I ate with my dear friends:

Broccoli and walnuts gnocchi
Broccoli and walnuts again, but with tagliatelle…
Broccoli and walnuts whole weat farfalle – a little chilly

For any more info..if you want some tips pr just know more about Rione Monti market, just leave your comment!

#NoteOfTheDay La Dolce Vita by Nino Rota

Sun(ny)day in Bologna 

Just taking blablacar for the first time in my life to go spending one day in Bologna, and today it is supposed to be the Patron Day of the city. 

Fortunately there were not so many people going all around, and fortunately somebody already booked for me in a very tipical restaurant 😎 

Let’s start from some squares and the most popular streets of Bologna:

the famous ‘Via Zamboni’
Piazza Verdi – Bologna
San Donato’s Church – Bologna
torre dell’Asinello – Bologna
San Petronio – Bologna
piazza Maggiore Bologna
Going down the streets you can discover lovely places where you can taste typical foods like prosciutto (ham), meat, tortellini (traditional pasta), good wine and so on… 
smoked ham in hostaria

typical tortellini -pasta of Bologna
traditional butchery
coop library

In one of the corner of the city centre, here you are the oldest cafe: Zanarini with one of the best coffee in Bologna, famous for its cakery, where all the bolognesi go:

Zanarini, the oldest cafe in Bologna
chocolate in Zanarini
choco credit cards and iPods 😳
And here you are some nice and weird shots ☺️:

heels made of stone
motorbike with sidecar ?!
 Et voila! Here you are the best you can have: piada, crescentine, squaquerone and prosciutto – that is to say: typical pastry with cheese cream and smoked ham, everything is absolutely handmade and taste special! 
piada on the left, crescentine, squaquerone and prosciutto
lots of different salami and cured meats
typical crescentine (fried pastry)
traditional soup with tortellini
typical pasta named ‘garganelli’ with saffron and black cabbage
 Here’s my day in Bologna! See you on next trip!

What’s cooking? How to prepare ‘Italian pasta with seafood’ 

Good morning! It’s my last day off after my vacation, and I’m in Naples, hence nothing’s better than celebrate with a good lunch with freshly made pasta with seafood  (it is very common in this city to eat seafood on Sundays).

I’m going to describe you each step for cooking a great pasta with seafood, or more exactly ‘vermicelli by De Cecco‘ with venus clams, swordrazors and hardclams.

Enjoy this recipe!

Step 1everything you need is: little tomatoes (The perfect ones are ‘datterini‘) and a few persil, garlic and little chili peppers, vermicelli pasta and seafood:

datterini tomatoes and persil – directly from the market
vermicelli pasta by De Cecco
garlic and little chili peppers
seafood: venus clams, hard clams, swordrazors

Step 2: while preparing the above-listed ingredients in a pan, you can put some water to boil in a pot.

Put the seafood, with a little salt, garlic, persil and tomatoes in a pan and let them cook for some minutes until their shells open: this means they’re are ready to be eaten.  

salt in the seafood

seafood with shells open
waiting for boiling water
pan and pot

Step 3: mix the seafood in order to have a colorful and flavored result. In the meantime, as soon as you can see the boiling water, you can add some salt in the pot and then add Vermicelli: 

mix seafood

put salt in the boiling water
add vermicelli pasta
cooking pasta for less minutes than it’s shown
 …you need to know a little secret: everytime you cook pasta, you have always to let it cook in its water for less minutes than it’s written in their packaging, and then cook it for the remaining munutes in the dressing you chose. 

In this case, thanks to this step, you could cook pasta for some more minutes together in the pan with seafood. 
The results?