Pasta and bijoux in Rione Monti, Rome

How to spend a great weekend? Just go to Rome and visit Rione Monti bijoux! This area is maybe one of the most old fashioned and attractive part of the city, seen also that is one of the most ancient district of Rome.

If you’re lucky you can enjoy weird people and lots of handmade products: handmade jewelry and vintage clothes, local Trattoria with homemade pasta and happy people going around!
The first place to enjoy is the famous Market named ‘Mercato Monti Urban Market’:

Monti Market
Mercato monti Urban Market, Rome

this market is the perfect mix between artistic handmade products – as vintage leather bags and handmade rings and bracelets – and extrovert dressed people who look like living in a movie 😁

Happy Glam, creative handmade products in Mercato Monti, Rome
Handmade products in Mercato Monti, Rome
Handmade products – Happy glam
Happy Glam creative earrings

All these handmade rings and earrings are so cute, a sort of cartoons pieces that look like funny if worn fine.

And then this authentic bijoux – handmade as well..

La chiave di violino – creative bijoux in Rione Monti Market, Rome
‘La chiave di violino’ handmade creation – wonderful ring!

Then, if you wanna enjoy an Italian taste, go to Pasta Imperialeyou can choose among a wide range of pasta..’linguine’, ‘tagliatelle’, ‘farfalle’ and so on…

Pasta Imperiale, a pasta shop in Rome
Pasta Imperiale, Via del Boschetto, rione Monti, Rome
Whole wheat ‘Italian farfalle’

or you can opt for a typical menu with pasta + water + tiramisu as the perfect Italian dessert!

Italian Menu at Pasta Imperiale, Rione Monti, Rome
Spaghetti, whole wheat pasta and green pasta
Super yellow ‘tagliatelle’!

…Just have a look to what I ate with my dear friends:

Broccoli and walnuts gnocchi
Broccoli and walnuts again, but with tagliatelle…
Broccoli and walnuts whole weat farfalle – a little chilly

For any more info..if you want some tips pr just know more about Rione Monti market, just leave your comment!

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