My #Art of the brick – once again in London, DC Comics

My art of the brick? By chance, Southbank, London, after having a look at this ads, in the tube, some months ago.

Amazing Lego art - London 2017
Amazing Lego art – London 2017
Amazing Lego Art, exhibition in London

10 mins later I was staring at the astonishing DC characters made of Lego bricks, a private collection of work of arts created by Nathan Sawaya, maybe the most popular #brickartist.

It was a private exhibit and I think it’s going all around the world. When I asked to the guy at the entrance, how Lego contributes to this kind of arts event, the answer was that the company doesn’t deal with that. None of a single campaign nor logistics or any support was done by the giant 😳 They do not support those exhibits because they already have a popular brand which is affirmed in the world, hence maybe arts only bother them.. 🙄

By the way, the collection shows a lot of giant and reflective colorful bricks, which are able to show feelings and represent the proper DC characters and also show their movement and shapes:

Lego Art of the brick exhibition – the Joker eating popcorns 

Wonder Woman – Lego art, printed

                              one of the main room of the exhibit

Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Flash…and the whole world of DC comics created in a bigger size:

giant Wonder Woman
Superman, Dc Super Heroes

Superman staring at the mirror
Gotham area

first type of bricks, they look a little bigger and pierced
Unbelievable cloak all made by bricks!

#NoteOfTheDay Another brick in the wall by Pink Floyd, 1982 – the song against apartheid and against the English school system.