Animation Storytelling in 5 sketches

I built my story,
now check it and understand if it does make sense to you…or maybe not?!
Anyway, you can also build your own story 🙂

Animation Storytelling 1
Animation Storytelling 1
Animation Storytelling 2
Animation Storytelling 2
Animation Storytelling 3

Animation Storytelling 3
Animation Storytelling 4
Animation Storytelling 4
Animation Storytelling 5
Animation Storytelling 5

Modern Arts, black&white sequence of pictures: find the difference!

Again, you just need to get lost in your city for a while,
to find something very cool,
in an usual gallery,
a place that looks like an old track, a bottleneck.
Here’s the picture N.1 – God:

N.1 modern art picture

Here’s the picture N.2 – Love:

N.2 modern art picture

and N.3 – Flower:

N.3 modern art picture

and here you are N.4 – Matchstick:

Black&white Picture 1

Oh well, there’s one last picture I wanna show you, by Mr/Mrs K.
It was not part of the sequence, but was not so far from them…maybe they’re related:

Modern art on the wall

Enjoy them and share with me what they mean for you?


Nightlife: those scenes you can see just in those hours

Nightlife, some times I think that nights should last longer. When you don’t have any plans for the night and then suddenly some friends call you to go out and see what to do together, those are the best moments ever. It always happened to come across some scenes that you can only see by chance, if you’re lucky enough.

Here’s what I came across some nights ago, while going towards the poshest street of Florence, maybe of Europe..because of its historical importance and the value of the brands that are located in its shops. Pay attention, you won’t be shown what you supposed to be shown 🙂
Via Antinori - Florence

ironing board

You know, we exactly are in Via Antinori,
and ‘Antinori’ it’s the name of one of the most important family in the history of this city. And it’s exactly the corner that leads you to Via Tornabuoni, the poshest street I was referring to before. So why an orange ironing board is there?!

Hence, a not very great scene.And that’s not all! The night it’s not finished yet…
We arrived in Santa Croce voilà!Another weird wall appears to us:
Via de Garibaldi - FlorenceSpermatozoa? Well, I don’t think they’re tadpoles..
but there on the wall? What’s their meaning? The green tag at the bottom right said ‘URBAN’, yes, a urban work of art, but I really don’t know what could it mean, and if you know, please help me to understand 🙂

Junk shops or values of the past?

Here we go, let’s have a walk in the narrows of Florence.

Let’s explore the streets you always avoid because they’re not the main ones, you won’t see any important brand shop windows, you won’t meet anybody and they’re a little scary. But you go on and maybe have some surprise.

I saw a little light, maybe there’s an old house or a little trattoria..but not. Just look at the bottom right of this picture:

Susanna, symbol of mini triangles of cheese

The first things that drew the attention it’s the fantastic, smiling and cheerful old plastic doll ‘Susanna’, a myth for all the children, the symbol of mini chees portions that have always been part of the life of any child. Those triangles of cheese that made all the children happy were produced by Invernizzi, a popular Italian brand that became part of the international Krafts Food company. It’s ages that Susanna disappeared from TV – because there were a lot of TV spots about it – so it was really unexpected to see her in this little unknown shop.

And as you can see, you can explore all the variety of things from the past: old photos, old TV and radios, 101 Dalmatians puppets, old plates, guitars and so on.. an entire world of things of the past that sometime helps you remember.

junk stuff for old memories

And here’s some other stuff of old memories, pictures, statues, record player, Xmas decorations and weird stuff, it’s to you to find the other ones..All of these pieces could be very appreciated, it’s not so usual to see them, and I don’t think you can buy them on eBay. Maybe this is exactly what keeps them exclusive things.

Just some minutes after this first stop, you can look at a totally different kind of shop. This time it’s not a shop, it’s a gallery, a modern gallery. Exactly the contrary of the previous place.

Let’s try to understand these traffic signals and the re-interpretation of their artist:

2014-11-29 04.27.41

Historical aim. Any of them has got a print of some historical-political important character: danger signals, alerts, stops, any of them just advise us of something. This is how any person interprets the things, old junk stuff showed in a window to help remember the past, modern traffic signals that advise for the future.

Let’s finish with this picture: Idee - Art gallery