Ducati firstly produced radio tools, then motor and motorbikes

Do you know that the most popular brand of Italian motorbikes Ducati was firstly a Radio Company?! 😳

Its name was Società Radio Brevetti Ducati, based in Bologna (which is not Borgo Panigale, but in the very heart of the city) and founded by the 3 Ducati brothers. One of them, infact, was a physicist and he firstly discovered how to connect an Italian radio station with an American one: thanks to a condenser that improved the radio transmissions, Ducati business was boosted all over the world, and they became one of the leader company for radio tools and freequencies.

Radio Brevetti Ducati, 20s' Bologna
Radio Brevetti Ducati, 20s’ Bologna

image image














Then our history told us about the Second World War, and in that period, Ducati was asked to produce useful products for the Army: in that moment it started to develop specific bikes, or better, motorbikes as Cucciolo, the very first one:

Cucciolo motorbike by Ducati
Cucciolo, the first motorbike by Ducati
The heart of Cucciolo by Ducati
The heart of Cucciolo by Ducati







Ducati motorbikes
Ducati motorbikes

























Regina d'Africa motorbike for Dakar, Museo Ducati, Borgo Panigale
Regina d’Africa motorbike for Dakar, Museo Ducati, Borgo Panigale
Red Ducati, Museo of Borgo Panigale
Red Ducati, Museo of Borgo Panigale





















Scrambler, the adventurer motorbike by Ducati
Scrambler, the adventurer motorbike by Ducati












The visit to the museum ended up after a tour of the industry where you can have a look to the production lines and process but it was absolutely forbidden to take pics 🙄

To finish, here you are some pics of the surrounding buildings

Ducati at Borgo Panigale, the surrounding
Ducati at Borgo Panigale, the surrounding










1 year with #WSBK2015 – Ducati, Davide, Chaz and brand new Aruba.it

Yes, it’s almost finished, World Superbike Championship is coming to an end. There is already the winner of 2015 but I want to share some exclusive moments I have been lucky to enjoy.

Let’s start from the very first and official launch of the new SBK Team, directly from the data Centers based in Arezzo, where Aruba.it brand is from.

 Part 1 – Arezzo data center

getting ready
Aruba.it Racing – Ducati Superbike Team
Mr Stefano Cecconi, Team Principal
Domenicali, Ducati Motor Holding


the new mix: Cecconi, Domenicali, riders and the rest of the Team
Davide Giugliano official rider, Daniele Casolari by FeelRacing
Chaz Davies, official rider

Part 2 – Misano World Circuit ‘Marco Simoncelli’   

the entry – Misano World Circuit
Aruba.it Racing Ducati Superbike Team
Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli
Ducati Superbike Team
inside the circuit
work in progress – movie? commercial? real frames
got it – 4k motion


Part 3 – Ducati box, Chaz Number 7, Scassa and picsinside


Ducati Panigale R – number 7 Chaz Davies
Chaz Davies, aruba.it, BFT, emc
Luca Scassa
Chaz Davies
Luca Scassa
advanced tools for 4k motion commercial

It was surprisingly unexpected: excited to be in the Ducati box durino their private tests, excited to be in the circuit during their laps, excited to be part of those experience…and the best is yet to come 

– follow me to discover the wsbk rounds and riders and Ducati hospitality – 😎

Superbike 2015 Imola – Top Exclusive views

Here we are,

Imola Round ended with a wonderful experience for both Aruba.it Racing – Ducati Superbike Team (the new Ducati official team of the year) and people and fan going up and down the Dekra Tower of the circuit and all around the hospitality..a triumph of shots and flashes and pictures and families,

everybody together for the same reasons, no violence, no bad scenes and sketches, nobody arguing,

but just a sane passion for motors and sports and Superbike.

Enjoy my reportage with exclusive photos taken from the top of the tower, in the Ducati hospitality, paddock and all around 🙂

#ImolaWorldSBK 2015 - Dekra tower
#ImolaWorldSBK 2015 – Dekra tower

IMG_3174 IMG_3177

#ImolaWorldSBK 2015
#ImolaWorldSBK 2015

IMG_2880 IMG_2890 IMG_2912 IMG_2920 IMG_2925 IMG_2935