Animation Storytelling in 5 sketches

I built my story,
now check it and understand if it does make sense to you…or maybe not?!
Anyway, you can also build your own story 🙂

Animation Storytelling 1
Animation Storytelling 1
Animation Storytelling 2
Animation Storytelling 2
Animation Storytelling 3

Animation Storytelling 3
Animation Storytelling 4
Animation Storytelling 4
Animation Storytelling 5
Animation Storytelling 5

Discovering Van Gogh (Alive) and his Japanese side

I decided to have a visit to this news exhibition about Van Gogh: there won’t be his actual paintings, just projections of his paintings. The exhibit is located in an old church of Florence, Santo Stefano Church, near Ponte Vecchio.

It taught me different things about Van Gogh life and, above all, his Japanese side. I already knew he was mad – think everybody know that – but when I read he used to chop off some of his body parts (like his ear) I was completely astonished. And I also read about his use of the color: blu and read for crazy mood, rage and contrast, as here:

Vase with red poppies, Van Gogh
The red vineyard, Van Gogh
Vase with red poppies, Van Gogh
Vase with red poppies, Van Gogh

then yellow..

yellow for the best mood: so bright as his sunflowers and rooms that became yellow-painted

Sunflowers, Van Gogh
Sunflowers, Van Gogh


then the violet and purple, which were used to get the standard pale stars (of his popular paintings) more lively and particular. From Van Gogh words, he said that if you look better into each star you will surely notice these shades that make it not so common:

The starry nights, Night Terrace and others, Van Gogh
The starry nights, Night Terrace and others, Van Gogh


And then what sounds very new to me: for a period of his life he was influenced by Ukyio-e paintings, that’s why also the projections represented different Japanese aspects: the red and white flag and sun, candid flowers and peach blossoms, portraits about Japanese ordinary persons..and so on. One of the distinctive aspect of these paintings is that very heavy black lines that outline each subject of the drawings. Watch here:

Iris - Van Gogh and his Japanese side
Iris – Van Gogh and his Japanese side
Van Gogh - Ukiyo-e
Van Gogh – Ukiyo-e


It was an interesting date with the artist, a mad and tormented soul that seems to have fight with the outside, finding the rest the world in his work of arts.

Exhibit to Schifano – ‘Orizzonte N.2’, Florence

Yesterday, Saturday afternoon, what to do during a Saturday afternoon in Florence if you don’t want to spend time shopping somewhere and you have already gone for a walk (2 hours walking!)…?

Well let’s check on Zero Florence website for any update about events, theatre..something different. And here you are the great discover: exhibition – free – pop art – Schifano Yes! Starting at 6 pm:

Schifano - pop art artist
Schifano – pop art artist
Schifano - 'Inventario'
Schifano – ‘Inventario’
Grundig - Schifano
Grundig – Schifano
Schifano: Consumption, Consumerism
Schifano: Consumption, Consumerism

IMG_1127 IMG_1128

Schifano - works of art
Schifano – works of art

Here you are a detail of Bagnai Gallery (where the exhibit took place):

and to finish, the very silent and exclusive vernissage:

Florence, Palazzo Bagnai - Bagnai Gallery
Florence, Palazzo Bagnai – Bagnai Gallery


This exhibit is until 18th April and it’s by Lorand Hegyi.

Don’t miss it!

Fendi QuTweets for Christmas 2014, nice marketing operation

Here you are what happened. I’m gonna tell you about a cross-media experience I’ve just had while exploring Fendi world.

I decided to spend some days in Rome, it was too long I didn’t see the magic city, and even more time I didn’t have a walk in the city centre, near Via del Tritone, Via del Corso, too much time I didn’t get nervous by walking into the crowd of Rome.

Well, I was there for the perfect day, not only sunny, but also in one of the last weekend before Christmas, when all the people start to buy Xmas gifts. Well.

While I was walking, I got to Fendi and stopped in front of the most lively decoration I’ve seen in these days. I’ve always loved its way to communicate because generally its not to standard, and thinking that a luxury brand likes to enjoy the colors – as I’m going to show right now. Let’s discover little by little Fendi decorations for Christmas 2014:

2014-12-07 14.44.53

They’re not penguins 🙂 but just little colorful birds that look like very social and happy.

And here you are one more picture:

Xmas tree by Fendi

Yes, there are a lot of birds all around a giant Xmas tree, Fendi Xmas tree.

And here you are another view of Fendi building (and store):Fendi  - Rome

Firstly, I thought about this weird decoration, by thinking ‘How much social is it?!’..I was looking at all these little tweety birds among the bright bags which decorated the main wall of the building. Too weird, but happy and colorful, contrary to the rest of the conventional bright Xmas lights.

Once I was back home, I wanna look at Fendi website, let’s see the actual bags I’ve seen hunging on the building…let’s see this new collection and what it’s about.

And here you are what I read: ‘Fendi QuTweets’. I found again those Fendi-style birds, and also a nice video showing them flying all around the new bags, eating accessories and jewels.. nice Xmas operation: from the streets to the web. Maybe now it’s time to go the shop, isn’t it 😀 ?

Look at Fendi QuTweets video here.

Modern Arts, black&white sequence of pictures: find the difference!

Again, you just need to get lost in your city for a while,
to find something very cool,
in an usual gallery,
a place that looks like an old track, a bottleneck.
Here’s the picture N.1 – God:

N.1 modern art picture

Here’s the picture N.2 – Love:

N.2 modern art picture

and N.3 – Flower:

N.3 modern art picture

and here you are N.4 – Matchstick:

Black&white Picture 1

Oh well, there’s one last picture I wanna show you, by Mr/Mrs K.
It was not part of the sequence, but was not so far from them…maybe they’re related:

Modern art on the wall

Enjoy them and share with me what they mean for you?


Junk shops or values of the past?

Here we go, let’s have a walk in the narrows of Florence.

Let’s explore the streets you always avoid because they’re not the main ones, you won’t see any important brand shop windows, you won’t meet anybody and they’re a little scary. But you go on and maybe have some surprise.

I saw a little light, maybe there’s an old house or a little trattoria..but not. Just look at the bottom right of this picture:

Susanna, symbol of mini triangles of cheese

The first things that drew the attention it’s the fantastic, smiling and cheerful old plastic doll ‘Susanna’, a myth for all the children, the symbol of mini chees portions that have always been part of the life of any child. Those triangles of cheese that made all the children happy were produced by Invernizzi, a popular Italian brand that became part of the international Krafts Food company. It’s ages that Susanna disappeared from TV – because there were a lot of TV spots about it – so it was really unexpected to see her in this little unknown shop.

And as you can see, you can explore all the variety of things from the past: old photos, old TV and radios, 101 Dalmatians puppets, old plates, guitars and so on.. an entire world of things of the past that sometime helps you remember.

junk stuff for old memories

And here’s some other stuff of old memories, pictures, statues, record player, Xmas decorations and weird stuff, it’s to you to find the other ones..All of these pieces could be very appreciated, it’s not so usual to see them, and I don’t think you can buy them on eBay. Maybe this is exactly what keeps them exclusive things.

Just some minutes after this first stop, you can look at a totally different kind of shop. This time it’s not a shop, it’s a gallery, a modern gallery. Exactly the contrary of the previous place.

Let’s try to understand these traffic signals and the re-interpretation of their artist:

2014-11-29 04.27.41

Historical aim. Any of them has got a print of some historical-political important character: danger signals, alerts, stops, any of them just advise us of something. This is how any person interprets the things, old junk stuff showed in a window to help remember the past, modern traffic signals that advise for the future.

Let’s finish with this picture: Idee - Art gallery