When you say Punch in Livorno – the recipe

The real Punch in Livorno is a sort of digestive that Italians use to have when they finish their meal – usually after dinner. In Tuscany – exactly in Livorno, there is a strong tradition about the ponce which obviously derives from the British one but it differs for 2 main things: IItalians use their coffee instead of tea, and they put a sort of mix of alcohol, sugar and caramel that is called rumme instead of the real rum.

To be precise, in Livorno it’s totally necessary put what they define as sassolino, a liqueour that is similar to the rum and it is used only for desserts. They also add lemon zest.




If you’re curious enough, you can taste it after preparing it by yourself! It’s not so difficolt, you just need the right ingredients:

  • Italian coffee (made by the Italian moka);
  • rumme (sort of rum)
  • Sassolino
  • sugar
  • lemon zest

Last thing: please use the gottino, a glass that looks a little bigger than the Italian cup of coffee.

Believe me, ‘Ponce alla Livornese‘ is a cure-all after big meals, the right remedy to enjoy digestive as a liqueur together with coffee!

#NoteOfTheDay ‘I’ve got a Pebble in my shoe‘ 1943 by Natalino Otto (a must song in Italy!)

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